Recognizing Violy McCausland

1.     Shade name you identify with most and why:

Thinker. In my 20s more I was more of a Thinker. I was in my first job at JP Morgan (people attached a word to me calling me Consultative) because I would ask anyone who had knowledge or know-how that I needed in order to do my work many questions. I focused a lot of attention on research, in particular in direct research, and by that I mean not only specific to the subject I was working on but often on subjects not related to the specific task at hand. Doing so allowed me to find new innovative ways to create an opportunity for my clients or deal with what some thought was an insurmountable challenge. I would often say to my team that a good strategic advisor and banker starts by understanding how apparently unrelated, non matching strands of information could be pieced together into an award winning solution to any situation and the creation of value no one had seen or thought of. I was a kid in the best Investment banking firm in the world and I quickly rose to the top, and it was because of thinking, cross-consultative, vast thinking, and a great sense of curiosity that was translated to tangible results.

Warrior. I also identify with the word Warrior because in standing the interest of those in my team or my clients or anyone close to me I choose the path of Strength even if it leads to a quiet war where one must understand the tactics and methods in order to end up with the win.

2.     Mantra you live by:

There are no impossible things only incapable people.

3.     The things you are grateful for:

My children first and foremost. My grandchildren. My husband. My family.

4.     The person you admire most and why:

Isaac Newton. I loved his absolute persistence, which led to his many world-altering discoveries that people thought, were impossible. Never let anyone tell you something is impossible, but know you will need persistence, absolute persistence, to achieve great things.

5.     Your Goal(s) for 2017:

It is always to become a better person, to keep growing my firm, nurturing the people that work for me so that we all grow, to keep creating value for my clients, innovating, and to continue to build strong bonds with my family. Perhaps, even to sleep one day.


Recognizing Violy McCausland <br /> #GIRLFORGOOD